• Parenthood:Birth to 6 Months Course

    Thinking ahead about Parenting is the theme of Parenthood: Birth to 6 Months course.
    It was created for expecting parents to encourage them to begin preparing mentally and emotionally for their precious bundle's first 6 months and beyond, while still pregnant.
    Come start building your "Parenting Toolbox", you'll be glad you did!
    It's a 10 hour (2 hours/session) course that can be completed in 5 sessions (Express classes - typically done in 10-15 days) or 5 weeks.
    It promises to be an awesome experience and the opportunity to meet others who are expecting is definitely a huge benefit of attending and taking in an open group setting.

    [ It can be done privately (2 people), private group (4 people minimum) in-classroom, Online/Phone discussion based course (for 2 people only) ]

    Since everyone learns differently, the class caters to all learning styles. [ when done in the classroom location]
    There will be guest speakers, power point presentations, demoing, hands on practice, and videos.

    A few topics you can expect to learn more about during the course are:

    - The Wonderful World of Newborn/ Infant Sleep
    - Soothing Techniques
    - Parenting styles - Creating what works best for your family
    - Living the first 3 Months with your new baby
    - Don't delay the search for the perfect caregiver/nanny/daycare
    - Have you thought about safety & so much more...

    *** Current Schedule outline, Next available class updates & to Register for all classes can be found below ***

  • Parenthood:Birth to 6 Months course ( Special Edition)

    Honey we're Having Another Baby!!

    This Private, 2 Session, discussion style course was designed to help parents expending their families from 2 parents 1 child, to 2 children.

    During the 1st Session, parents will be ‘Refreshed’ - relearning /reminding themselves about newborns, learning new techniques/ thoughts they weren't aware of, or might not have needed for their first baby.

    2nd Session, we'll discuss common questions parents have regarding having 2 children. We’ll even hear from a few parents with 2 or more children about their journeys.

    [ This course is only done privately and has to be requested. A minimum of 4 participants to run the course. Pricing will be shared with those that request this particular course ]. Please select PRIVATE course and mentioned the Special Edition version of the course in the notes section with dates etc as it requests.

  • A Father's Point of View - Real Talk by Fathers for Expectant Parents

    A Father's Point of View, is an open & honest (2 hour) session that's discussion based, with Real Fathers for families that are expecting. While the discussion will flow based on interest/ questions, there is a specific set of topics/thoughts, that aim to be highlighted.

    Many times new Fathers (and Mothers) don't know what to expect from the Man's/ Father's perspective. Many times the Father is left to 'figure it out on his own' especially if there is no Father figure to talk to, or he might just be the first of his friends to have a baby (and of course other scenarios).
    New Mothers can definitely benefit from hearing and being a part of this conversation (no matter if you and the father are in a committed relationship or hope to have the best co-parenting relationship for your child)

    This session aims to highlight what the Father might be going through, how they can 'prepare better', some tips/tricks for tough 'Dad' moments, and so much more!

    It's a session worth attending! You won't get the Father's Point of View like this anywhere else!

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Apr. 5, 2017

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Apr. 5, 2017

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Apr. 5, 2017

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Mar. 30, 2018

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Term 2 [May - July 2019]
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