• Temporary Child Minding (8 hrs +)

    As a Temporary Childminder, it's Calvina's main goal to provide your growing child with a stimulating, nurturing, educational day of care in your home setting (one-on-one service only). This is a temporary set up typically until the little one goes 8 months. (Parents choose this service for a variety of reasons for the first few months with baby).
    Activities arranged vary, but are age appropriate, helping your little one to explore their world with all their senses. Calvina is very knowledgeable about all areas of development, and knows they have roots in the first year of life. She aims to assist your child in not just physical well being/awareness, but also cognitive, emotional & social well being too. Balance is definitely key!

    *Please note that Calvina does not provide housekeeping services*

  • Newborn Consultancy

    The main goal of the Newborn/ Infant Consultancy is to assist parents with a specific issue or issues they may be having (issues vary from sleep, feeding schedules, day time naps etc...) Calvina likes to spend time with the family to observe their movements, and suggestions are shared that they can try to help minimize or eliminate the issue sometimes immediately, or over a period of time.

  • Newborn/ Infant Caring (under 7 hrs)

    The arrangement and activities put together are very similar to that of Temporary Childminding [the arrangement might be a few times a week during the day, or when parents desire a date night or have an evening engagement.] This service is provided for infants under 9 months.

    *Please note that Calvina does not do babysitting*

To start all services, there is an Introduction Process that every family completes. To begin this process, please contact Calvina J. Simons on the Contact tab above.

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